the actors of Alexandre

The kitchen brigade

For Michel Kayser, the kitchen is a school of life where you learn rigour, teamwork and humility; every one of them a quality which is an important asset in life.  Arnaud Bresteau, the head chef, shares this philosophy and tries to transmit it to the younger generation.

They all have to share the same state of mind: the will to give the best of themselves, day after day.

Michel Kayser brigade

Restaurant staff 

In all simplicity and kindness, the actors of the restaurant “Alexandre” are animated by the desire to give you a very nice time in their company. Showing sincere interest, and fulfilled with the wish to make you discover the House Michel Kayser, Vincent Mazurier, Lionel Delsol, Celine Valette, Hélène Desvallon, Yannick Courraud and our young actors are awaiting you.


Aude Kayser, the elder daughter has made her discrete apparition, bit by bit taking her place in this beautiful House which saw her grow up. An air of mistral, full of freshness and love, is blowing at the Kayser’s…