Meat, Poultry and giblets

Meat, Poultry and giblets


Bull tenderloin of Manade

Squid ink lasagna with a celery duo, capers and anchovies

Aligot fritter

« Terre de Camargue » sauce



Roasted breast of Duckling from Challans

Broccoli cream, Confit shallots with saffron

Duckling sauce with cabbage juice



Roasted pig from the « farm Beauregard » and grilled bacon

Rolled potatoes with truffles served on virtual compost

Cream of smoked chestnuts

Sauce like a stew



Braised sweetbread of veal

Cream of cauliflower with brown butter

Lemon and cardamome sauce



Roasted piece of young goat leg

Confit filet and "Navarin" with the shoulders

"Macaire" potato with thyme and garlic



All prices include taxes and service