Enhanced Nature

Nature Sublimée / Enhanced Nature

(Except weekends and public holiday)


Floating island with truffles from Provence

On Cevennes'boletus soup

(Created by Michel Kayser)


Vegetables and "Granny Smith" apple

Mushroom panna cotta, Red cabbage foam

Pigeon pie

* * * * *

« Tielle » from Sète

Lobster, squid and prawn tartlet

Marinière sauce with Muscat from Château l’Ermitage


Roasted piece of young goat leg

Confit filet "Navarin" with the shoulders

"Macaire" potato with thyme and garlic

* * * * *

Chocolate lovers paradise cake


Confit "Frecinette" banana in a kalamansi juice

Tonka seeds meringue, Coconut sorbet and foam

Petits fours and miniature treats


82 €

110 € including 2 glasses of wine


All prices include taxes and service


An aside time

(Only lunch, except weekends and public holiday)
Because it's not necessary or possible to stay many hours for a meal
You can also indulge yourself with


The suggestion of the day and its dessert

Wine by the glass in accordance with today's special