. AN award

Obtaining a second star in 2007:  “The realization of a childhood dream. But it’s much more than that; it is also the compensation of a battle, of constant doubts, of moments of wondering which direction to give to one’s life. The decisions one makes can give hope and lead to the decline or the success of one’s company, but also of one’s family. That’s why this second star is the most beautiful gift I could ever receive, after my two daughters. Those are also gifts which allow you to grow.”

Then, in 2009 another award, linked to the first one, is being accorded: “becoming part of the prestigious chain “Relais et Châteaux – Grand Chef” is a true honor. To me it represents the best of what is being achieved in my craft and in the world. I dare to believe in the sincerity of what we provide. We constantly aim at allowing our guests to experience a “delicious” moment in the heart of our House.”


.A reference

“To me, Pic and Bouvarel, were giants; I watched their hands… and mine, and I said to myself I would love to work like that. It’s Pierre Sternjacob, my apprenticeship master at Forbach, who taught me the bases.”


.A compliment 

“When a housewife tells me she enjoyed my cuisine… I am happy because I am always in search of authentic tastes and flavors.”


.A question 

“People often ask me: “Why did you choose cooking?”

I was 13 years old and I had to choose a trade. The happy moments of my young life were often linked to the delicious dishes prepared by my grand-mother, shared in cheerfulness and conviviality. So I opted for cooking… the investment comes with the desire to do well, to see things true to the very end. If I had chosen a different craft, I think I would have invested myself with all my heart and with the same conviction.” 

Michel KAYSER en tablier rouge

.A device

“Rather than walking on the banks of the river looking with envy at the fish, you’d better go home to make a fishing net.” (Arab proverb)


.A discovery

There have been many, but the one that still pleases me as much since many years is the ‘floating island with truffles from the Provence on its cream of ceps from the Cevennes.’  “We’re at the beginning of the service, the orders are taking some time to come in, so I use this time to prepare my mousseline. I place the chicken breasts in my blender, adding the cream bit by bit. My wife announces the first orders; the service will be complicated. I let my mixture turn, adding some cold cream from time to time and placing ice cubes under the mixer. I see that my mixture is completely ready, and, rather than making my quenelles and plunging them into the simmering water, I place them in paper film to steam them later. The result is astonishing; the quenelles are both firm and smooth. I decide to make truffle quenelles floating on a cream of ceps. Ever since, it’s been one of the classics of the House.”