The spirit

Michel KAYSER en tablier rouge

Cooking is in his heart,

Michel Kayser shares his house with his own convictions.

He takes you on a journey through a subtle, deep-rooted and southern cuisine. “Sublimating the regional products, integrating them into recipes where no one expected them, without ever altering them completely”, is the guiding principle of his cuisine. 

Passionate and demanding, he selects the regional producers for their quality products.

True confidence and mutual respect grows between these men and women who give the best of themselves in order to supply irreproachable raw products: Mr. BAEZA (pigeons from Costières), Mr. GREFFEUILLE (lambs from the Aveyron), Mrs. WANG (courgette flowers from the plateaux of the Gard), Mr. PARADIS (olive oil AOC[1] from Martignargues), Mr. AMOUROUX (white Asparagus from the sands of Aigues-Mortes) and many others.

[1] AOC (Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée) is a protected designation of origin.



In the settings of its park, harboring hundred-year-old trees with Mediterranean essences, Michel Kayser shapes the restaurant to his own image.

He does so with the help of craftsmen and artists, such as Pascal SILVESTRI for the flower arrangements, Nicole BARONDEAU or Blandine DESCOMBES for the crockery, Benedickt AICHELE for the cutlery, Daniel SOURIOU, Pierre BAEY and the "BOTTA" for the sculptures and the exterior realizations.

Michel Kayser has turned his restaurant into a unique place, reflecting the characteristics of the region and offering a showroom for the local know-how. A place where gastronomy and lifestyle, culinary delights and the sweetness of an exceptional moment go hand in hand. 

Free of any pretention, as only beautiful things can be, in true communion with nature, the House Michel Kayser wants to be sincere, sophisticated and linked to moments of happiness, of sharing and of conviviality.