Career path

Michel KAYSER en tablier rouge


Born at Bitche in the Moselle region on the 21st October 1955.
In 1969, at the age of 13 ½, he starts as an apprentice with Pierre STERNJACOB in the hotel-restaurant “L’Union” in Forbach in the Moselle region. The discovery of this rigorous environment excites him, he learns the basics of the classical kitchen and obtains his CAP degree.

He continues his route, completing seasons in the restaurant “Le Bourgogne” at Evian-les-Bains, at Courchevel, at Palavas les Flots in the heart of the brigade of Paul ALEXANDRE, with René BOUVAREL at St Hilaire du Rosier.

In  1978, on the death of his father, he goes back East and finds himself a place in the heart of the team of the starred restaurant “Kammerzell” in Strasbourg, before joining a more restricted team in Sarreguemines as head chef.

In April 1983, together with his wife Monique and their first daughter, Aude, he returns to the Mediterranean region as head chef of the restaurant “Alexandre”.



Michel KAYSER en tablier rouge


The restaurant loses its star and the transition is rough, it ends in 1986. That same year his second daughter, Marine, is born; a surge of happiness in the middle of the battle or, rather, a beautiful good omen.

Indeed, in 1987 a first and unexpected star rewards a team which has been reduced to the strictest minimum.
In 2001, Monique and Michel Kayser finally become the owners and in 2003 they transform the restaurant, the work amounting to 1 million €. 
2007 brings the supreme reward: two stars in the Michelin Guide. It’s an immense achievement for the entire team!
Then, in 2009, the restaurant becomes part of the prestigious chain “Relais et Châteaux”. This crowns the wish of Michel Kayser and his team to turn the restaurant into an exceptional place.
In 2011 a seminar room in the shape of a lounge, a real place of privilege, is created, followed, at the beginning of 2012, by the restoration of the dining rooms and the complete transformation of a sitting room - library… The House Michel Kayser is in constant movement and has one sole device: Here we cultivate paradise!