Poissons & crustacés

Fish and Seafood


« Tielle » from Sète

Lobster, squid and prawn tartlet

Marinière sauce with Muscat from Château l’Ermitage



Brandade de Nîmes original style

Piece of poached codfish

Emulsion of lemon and olive oil from Mr Paradis



Sautéed fillet of John Dory and squids

«Churros» with squid ink

Sauce with toasted pine nuts, capers and tomato confit



Sautéed scallops with olive oil

Cream of celery with browned butter

Decoction of celeriac



Brill from Bretagne confit in brown butter

Sautéed salsify in spaghetti and its purée with caviar "Petrossian" 

Décoction of roasted bones perfumed with bergamot



All prices include taxes and service