Emotions Way

Traverses d'Emotions / Emotions way

(Two people minimum)


Quail breast from the Vosges with foie gras and the confit leg

Vegetables in jelly perfumed with wild celery


Brill from Bretagne confit in brown butter

Sautéed salsify in spaghetti and its purée with caviar "Petrossian"

Décoction of roasted bones perfumed with bergamot

Saké "Kawasémi" sorbet served on puffed rice with wakamé

Roasted breast of Duckling from Challans

Brocoli cream

Confit shallots with saffron

Duckling sauce with cabbage juice


Quarter of farmhouse cheese matured by Mr Vergne

And goat cheese produced by Mr Rigotard


The Alexandre jewel box of small desserts


Petits fours and miniatures treats


118 €

152 € including 3 glasses of wine


All prices include taxes and service